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shows I'm watching & shows I'm going to watch

September 15 2022

I've been binging Nana in art class recently, and I love it! It's such a well done anime, and the dub (yes I'm watching the dub. Don't shoot me) is really well done. The characters are all so great! I'm on episode 8 and I've heard it has quite the sad ending, so I'm not looking forward to that. I've been meaning to watch gossip girl, vampire diaries, etc... I want to get really into one of those long-standing teen dramas, something that's good to binge. If you have any reccomendations, email me at! Me and a friend started watching Supernatural together and it's comforting to know that it has so many episodes for us to look forward to.

---Toad the TV

updates, school, & projects

September 9 2022

Sooo... I really just enjoyed my summer! No excuses here lol.

I can feel myself slipping back into 'school mode', a kind of fugue state where I am a conversion machine for food and sleep ---> homework, and while I am concerned about how my mental health is going to decay later into the year I don't have to worry about that right now. I've started to look at universities, and while I know it's a wile away I can't help but get excited for it. One of the universities I'm looking at has an 'Astro-biology and Exoplanet' course, and while physics/math/science aren't my strongest subjects, I think that would be very interesting to go to school for. I'm happy with my courses this year, which is a nice change of pace.

I've been working on a few projects in favor of updating this website, but I'll definitely get back into the swing of things now that I'm back in a routine. I've actually been working out recently and I feel good about myself! What a surprise, lol. I've also been writing a lot more! It's felt amazing to actually get words down on paper (er... on screen,I guess).

I'll come back here in a bit to write some moe stuff, but in the meantime peace out!

---Toad the student

ooooh yeah, the Queen also died! As someone who lives in a colonized commonwealth country, the Indigenous population of which is actively strugging due to the inaction of the Queen, I couldn't give less of a shit :)

where have I been?

July 31 2022

Apologies for the lack of 'bog' posts! I've been going places & doing things & enjoying my summer! I plan to crank out a few bog posts this week and over August before I go back to school in September. Wish me luck!

---Toad the procrastinator

school's out!

June 17 2022

I am very, very thankful to be done with school for the year! The last week was probably one of the most stressful of my life XD!

I hope that I get a good chance to relax this summer, but I also want to make the most of it. Last year the summer passed so quickly! I'm writing this at school with the full and beautiful knowledge that when I get home I can do absolutely nothing and I won't feel bad about it after.

I hacked my 3ds a few months ago and I've been playing a lot of Ace Attorney, Majora's Mask, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and classic game imports like the original Mario and Sonic games. Once I actually finish a game I'll do a review on it, I promise!

I hope everyone reading this has an excellent summer break!

---Toad the relieved

Media Review Hour

June 16, 2022

Feel good about life with: Kiki's Delivery Service!

Studio Ghibli movies are like chicken soup for the soul. They're sweet, earnest, respectful to their audiences, and the messages in them are relevant to viewers of all ages.

My personal favourite Studio Ghibli movie is Kiki's Delivery Service, which I rewatched today. It's the story of young witch Kiki who goes out on her own to train her skills in a seaside town. She then starts a delivery business shipping packages on her flying broomstick with her cat companion Jiji.

I highly recommend that everybody watch Kiki's Delivery Service at least once in their lives on a rainy day while the window is open - every time I watch it I'm flooded with such a lovely feeling of peace and motivation, and I feel like painting and cleaning and going on a nice walk in the woods.

My favourite character from Kiki's Delivery Service is Ursula, a young artist who lives in the middle of the forest in a tiny log cabin and draws birds. When I was younger, I wanted to live like her; but now that I'm older. . .I still want to live like her XD!! Maybe one day I can - I have hope!

To everyone that wants to feel a little better about things - go watch Kiki's Delivery Service!


5/5 for the vibe

4.5/5 for the story

5/5 for the art & style

---Toad the delivery-frog


June 15 2022

I have the kind of relationship with social media that Jeff the Killer had with that one girl's self-insert OC from that 2012 creepypasta fanfiction. In other words, I hate it and hate it and hate it and all that it stands for but we also have shared a lot of good times and I've met some really good friends through it and... this metaphor does not work XD

In all seriousness, I feel like one of the main reasons that I dislike socmed so much is that it all feels like it exists to create demand for advertisers, and/or most of the time BY advertisers. Demand for makeup, shapewear, workout apps, skincare, exercize equipment, gadgets to eliminate 'time wasted' so you can get back to work faster, and fast fashion. All these things are relatively harmless, and some of them are even extremely nice & good to have, but the problem behind most of them is the all-consuming domination of the AESTHETIC.

Under almost every video I see of someone with a dominant style, look, or way of dressing, there's usually someone saying something like 'how can I attain this aesthetic?'. It's sad to me that people think that the second they see someone cool they have to immediately emulate them in order to be cool as well. Or, if that's not it, then they clearly don't feel comfortable just being themselves. Ones style is supposed to come fairly naturally, and if you feel like 'attaining an aesthetic' is a strict chore-like checklist full of dos and don'ts and places to shop, then it's probably not the style you feel most comfortable in. There are no 'requirements' to being cool, just self confidence.

(there are, of course, 'aesthetic'-like subcultures where you DO need to do something in order to be in it -- I.E listen to the music associated with that subculture -- but, again, if it feels like a chore it's probably not for you.)

---Toad the gothic forestcore corvidcore cryptidcore aesthetic bone-blogger (satirical)

pride month!

June 14 2022

I honestly love pride month. Though it sucks that 'rainbow capitalism' exists, in my eyes I'd rather have that than 'homophobia capitalism'. While I of course would rather have zero capitalism, it shows that queer people and allies are the acceptable, marketable demographic now. That being said, I will never buy a target pride tshirt, but I won't shame people who do. It's nice to see your identity being respected in big box stores when 10-15 years ago that NEVER would have happened.

---Toad the queer

school is almost over & website plans

June 13 2022

yes I am still in school XD lol. Right now I very much wish that I wasn't!!

I have less than three days to finish my assignments!!! (I'm writing this instead of doing any of them lol. I feel like Icarus except my wings are the lofty joys of procrastination.)

I'm going to try to write a short blog post at least once every few days, if not every day. I like it when there's a hefty backlog on other sites. While this website is just mainly serving as a way for me to practice my html skillz, I do want to implement a few shrines in the future (I want to do a vampire themed one. I love vampires) as well as some tutorials for things I like to do (how to run flash games offline in the year of our lord 2022, for example). I also want to log what media I'm consuming and give reccomendations (books, anime, comics, manga, movies, tv, video games, music, podcasts, etc.)

---Toad the webmaster